A Mother's Love & Loss: Video

Charlotte Brandon used the cold, granite stone of her children's tombs to pen her despairing grief at their deaths.

On Nov 10, 2008, I was inspired to put together a video using Windows Movie Maker and the original photographic shots I took when first I found the cemetery in May of 2006.

The video so moved my mother and sister - and even myself - we felt compelled to finally make our repeat trip out to the Natchez Trace and retrace our steps to The Brandon Children. You can read more about our second foray here.

The video below was made using Windows Movie Maker and features the song "The Berber of Seville (Father MacKay's Celestial Visi)" by Bombay Dub Orchestra on their 2006 self-titled album. It is posted on Metacafe.

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An alternate video - featuring the song "Dawn Fog" from musicshake - has been posted at YouTube.

The photos used in both videos are from the Brandon Hall Cemetery set at Flickr, and were all taken by me in May 2006. All textual content in the videos comes from the graves of Agnes, Sarah, and Phillip Brandon, and was written by their mother, Charlotte Brandon.